Emission 07/12 : MovieGroovy.

    Movie Groovy is a broadcast that highlights the importance of the music in a movie and how it sets the « ambiance », adds to the atmosphere of the film and transmits the feelings the director wants to convey.


For a start we chose the movie Waves, a coming of age movie written and directed by Trey Edward Shults that follows the story of two siblings Tyler and Emily before and after a tragedy taking us to a journey of human emotions experienced by their family through the two separate parts.
This movie shows us a shocking reality in a visually and aesthetically pleasing way that manages to make us feel the vulnerability of the characters enduring the pressure of experiencing love, pain, loss and a new kind of intimacy and all this was well delivered by a crucial element of editing: music.
The soundtrack in this movie, in its variability, perfected every situation and guided us through the realm of emotions luring us into relating to every character. The soundtrack included various genres from hip hop, experimental pop, jazz …