Emission 27/10/21: Live Session

Today, INSAT’s own students rocked the mic, the keys, and the guitar in the Live session we had. Since, instead of the usual set, we had live instruments installed, people gravitated to take some of their time to see the great performances that ranged from players showing their musicianship to rappers getting the audience bumping their heads.

We first got treated with great playing from the likes of Firas, Youssef, and Mohammed on guitar and piano respectfully. Then, we got an equally passionate and hype rap performance from Ciné’s own Oussema A.K.A NNJAHI.

Finally, WayLeads ended up the session with a melodic and engaging performance of some of his songs that got a lot of positive reaction from the public.

 You will be able to find a recording of the live session on our youtube channel.